Python Fundamentals


This Python micro course is ideal for enhancing your programming skills. Learn key concepts like variables, data types, loops, exceptions, libraries, unit testing, file I/O, regular expressions, and OOP. The course concludes with a final project to demonstrate your new skills.
Starting 24th of June
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Micro Course
12 hours
Installments via Tabby
Recommended age 16+
2 Weeks Course
3 Times a Week
2 Hours a Day
Price: 2,000 AED
Meet your Instructor

Mina Eskander

Python Fundamentals Master

My name is Mina, and I am deeply passionate about software development and programming languages.

I have acquired proficiency in numerous programming and database languages, and I thrive in working with computers. I have successfully completed multiple projects using Python and the Django framework.

I am excited to extend my expertise and offer Python instruction to anyone interested in learning.

What You Will Learn
A 2-week journey with exclusive small classes, 21 students max. 12 total hours, 3 days a week, 2 hours each day.
Week 1
1st day

Introduction to Python language

2nd day

Conditionals and loops

3rd day

Exceptions and libraries

Week 2
1st day

FIle I/O and unit test

2nd day

Regular expressions

3rd day

Final Project

Careers you can apply to with this Course

KDB / Python Lead Quant Developer

EUR 200000 to EUR 600000 per month

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16 May 2024

Python Developer/ IgniteTech

USD 60000 to USD 60000 per month

View Details

30 May 2024

Python Developer - United Future DMCC

AED 6000 to AED 10000 per month

View Details

15 May 2024

KDB / Python Lead Quant Developer

EUR 200 to EUR 600 per month

View Details

24 May 2024

Python Developer

Agreed upon interview

View Details

30 May 2024

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Price: 2,000 AED
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! When both of you enroll together, each of you will receive a discount of 1000 AED. It's our way of appreciating group enrollments and making the learning journey more collaborative and affordable.

Typically, students need to be at least 16 years old to enroll in our courses. However, in certain cases, exceptions can be made with the consent of both parents and the course instructor.

When you go through the class registration process on teachmecode.ae, a calendar will be displayed showing all available slots. This provides you the flexibility to select either weekday or weekend sessions, and whether you prefer morning or afternoon classes.

Our instructors are industry professionals with years of experience in the tech world. They undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring they're not only knowledgeable but also skilled developers.

We've established a comprehensive post-course support program, which includes collaborations with several prominent tech companies. With your consent, these companies can access your student profile, enabling them to identify and approach our standout students. Such collaborations frequently result in internship and employment offers for our most dedicated learners.

Furthermore, we've designed an advanced system that aggregates genuine coding job opportunities globally. Upon course completion, you can effortlessly apply to these positions with a single click, allowing you to capitalize on your newfound skills and potentially work remotely from the comfort of your home.

Currently, we do not offer remote learning options. Our courses are designed to provide an immersive experience within our institute. We believe this hands-on approach enhances your learning and fosters valuable skills.

Once you finish the course, you will get a KHDA Licensed certificate.