PHP, MySQL & Laravel

Back-End Development

By Yassine Ladjabi

Backend development course equips you to create powerful server-side logic, manage databases efficiently, and build a modern and scalable web application and web services.

Jobs you can apply with this course

  • Backend developer
  • PHP developer
  • Laravel developer
  • API developer
  • Database design
  • Database administrator
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From Beginner to Professional Developer A 3-months journey with exclusive small classes, 21 students max. 96 total hours, 2 days a week, 4 hours each day.

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3 Months Course

Twice a Week, 4 Hours a Day

Price: 8,500 AED

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Meet Your Instructor

Yassine Ladjabi
Back-End Development Master

Hey there, I'm Yassine, your Instructor at TeachMeCode Institute. I'm excited to share my years of experience in designing and building robust software with you. Throughout my career, I've worked on various projects, including desktop and web applications, both frontend and backend, database architecture, and system design.

Coding for me means sharing my expertise with budding talents, empowering you to turn creativity into real-life projects. I believe everyone can code, and I'm dedicated to investing my time and knowledge in your journey.

Let's dive into coding together!

Price: 8,500 AED

What's on the curriculum

A 3-month journey with exclusive small classes, 21 students max. 96 total hours, 2 days a week, 4 hours each day.

Week 1

Session 1

Web Fundamentals: Internet & Web

Kickstart your journey by understanding the Web and Internet. Learn how servers and clients interact, the role of HTTP/HTTPS, and the basics of domain names and DNS. This lesson lays the groundwork for your web development career.

Grasp the basics of the Web, Internet, HTTP/HTTPS, and domain names.

Session 2

HTML Essentials: Building Blocks

Discover the building blocks of web pages with HTML. Learn to structure documents, format text, create lists, and add links and images. By the end, you'll be able to build a simple yet functional HTML page.

Learn HTML essentials: document structure, text, lists, links, and images.

Week 2

Session 3

CSS Basics: Styling Your Web

Add flair to your web pages using CSS. This lesson covers color theory, text styling, box models, and layout techniques. You'll also learn to style lists, tables, and forms, making your web pages visually appealing.

Master CSS: color, text, boxes, lists, tables, forms, and layout.

Session 4

PHP Foundations: Syntax & Logic

Dive into PHP, the backbone of server-side web development. Learn the syntax, how to comment, and work with variables and data types. We'll also introduce you to conditional statements and loops, setting the stage for advanced PHP topics.

Learn PHP basics: syntax, comments, variables, data types, conditions, and loops.

Week 3

Session 5

PHP Deep Dive: Strings, Arrays, Functions

Expand your PHP skills by diving into strings, arrays, and functions. Learn how to manipulate text, store multiple values, and create reusable code blocks. This lesson will enhance your ability to build more complex and dynamic web applications.

Master PHP's strings, arrays, and functions to build dynamic web applications.

Session 6

PHP Advanced: Built-ins & Superglobals

Explore PHP's built-in functions and superglobal variables. Learn how to perform common tasks more efficiently and how to access global data across scripts. This lesson will make you proficient in advanced PHP features.

Learn PHP's built-in functions and superglobals for efficient and advanced coding.

Week 4

Session 7

PHP Mastery: Headers, Files, Superglobals

Delve deeper into PHP's superglobals, and learn how to manipulate headers and files. This lesson will teach you how to control client-server communication and handle file uploads and downloads, adding another layer to your PHP skills.

Master PHP headers, file handling, and deepen your understanding of superglobals.

Session 8

MySQL Intro: Databases & SQL Basics

Begin your journey into databases with an introduction to MySQL and SQL. Learn how to create databases and tables using phpMyAdmin. Understand MySQL data types and the basics of SQL queries. This lesson is crucial for backend development.

Learn MySQL basics, create databases and tables, and get started with SQL.

Week 5

Session 9

MySQL Advanced: SQL Queries & Operations

Deepen your MySQL skills by learning advanced SQL queries and operations like INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Understand how to filter and sort data using various SQL clauses and operators. This lesson will make you proficient in database manipulation.

Master advanced SQL queries and operations for effective database manipulation.

Session 10

Building CRUD Apps with PHP & MySQL

Apply your PHP and MySQL skills to build a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application. This hands-on lesson will give you practical experience in developing database-driven web applications, a key skill for any backend developer.

Build a CRUD application using PHP and MySQL for practical backend development.

Week 6

Session 11

OOP in PHP: Classes, Objects, Methods

Dive into Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP. Learn about classes, objects, properties, methods, and access modifiers. This lesson will provide you with the OOP fundamentals, a paradigm that is essential for modern web development.

Learn OOP fundamentals in PHP: classes, objects, properties, methods, and access control.

Session 12

OOP Advanced: Polymorphism & Exceptions

Advance your OOP skills by exploring polymorphism, traits, and exception handling in PHP. Understand how to work with objects, clone them, and handle errors gracefully. This lesson will elevate your PHP OOP skills to a professional level.

Master advanced OOP: polymorphism, traits, and exception handling in PHP.

Week 7

Session 13

Intro to Laravel: MVC & Composer

Step into the world of Laravel, a leading PHP framework. Learn about MVC architecture, Composer, and basic Laravel features like routes and Artisan. This lesson is your gateway to developing robust and scalable web applications using Laravel.

Get started with Laravel: Learn MVC, Composer, routes, and Artisan.

Session 14

Laravel Views: Blade & Components

Discover how to create dynamic and reusable UI using Laravel's Blade templating engine. Learn about layouts, components, and how to separate your application's logic from presentation. This lesson will make your Laravel development more efficient.

Master Laravel's Blade engine for efficient and dynamic UI development.

Week 8

Session 15

Laravel Forms: Requests & Validation

Learn how to handle forms in Laravel. Understand requests, responses, and validation techniques. This lesson will also cover file uploads, giving you a comprehensive understanding of form processing in Laravel applications.

Learn form handling in Laravel: requests, responses, validation, and file uploads.

Session 16

Laravel DB: Migrations, Seeders, Queries

Explore Laravel's database features like migrations, seeders, and query builders. Learn how to structure your database, populate it with sample data, and perform CRUD operations. This lesson is crucial for database management in Laravel.

Master Laravel's database features: migrations, seeders, and query building.

Week 9

Session 17

Laravel Models: Eloquent & Pagination

Learn how to interact with databases using Laravel's Eloquent ORM. Understand how to create, read, update, and delete records effortlessly. This lesson will also cover pagination to help you manage large datasets in your applications.

Master Laravel's Eloquent for database interactions and learn pagination techniques.

Session 18

Laravel Middleware & Role Management

Discover the power of middleware in Laravel for filtering HTTP requests. Learn how to create and register new middleware and implement role-based access control. This lesson will enhance the security and efficiency of your Laravel applications.

Learn Laravel middleware for request filtering and role-based access control.

Week 10

Session 19

Laravel Auth: User Registration & Emails

Dive into user authentication in Laravel. Learn how to register users, handle password resets, and verify email addresses. This lesson is essential for building secure and user-friendly web applications.

Master user authentication, password resets, and email verification in Laravel.

Session 20

Laravel Emailing: Mailables & Sending

Learn how to send emails in Laravel using the Mailable class. Understand how to configure email drivers and send emails with attachments and inline images. This lesson will enable you to implement robust email functionalities in your applications.

Learn to send emails in Laravel using Mailables, with attachments and images.

Week 11

Session 21

Laravel Notifications: Real-time Alerts

Explore Laravel's notification system to send real-time alerts via various channels like email, SMS, and Slack. Learn how to create and customize notifications for different user actions. This lesson will make your applications more interactive.

Learn to send real-time notifications in Laravel via multiple channels.

Session 22

Laravel Events & Listeners: Reactivity

Understand the event-driven architecture in Laravel. Learn how to define events and listeners to perform actions based on specific triggers. This lesson will make your applications more reactive and user-friendly.

Master Laravel's event-driven architecture with events and listeners.

Week 12

Session 23

Laravel APIs: CRUD Operations

Learn how to build RESTful APIs using Laravel. Understand how to perform CRUD operations through API endpoints. This lesson is essential for developers looking to build scalable and interoperable web services.

Learn to build RESTful APIs in Laravel for CRUD operations.

Session 24

Final Project: Backend Web Application

In this concluding lesson, you'll apply all the backend skills you've acquired to build a comprehensive web application using PHP, MySQL, and Laravel. This project will serve as a testament to your backend development skills and prepare you for real-world challenges.

Build a backend web application using PHP, MySQL, and Laravel to showcase your mastery in backend development.


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