WebDesign in Figma

UX/UI Design

By Murad Rustamli

Upon completing the UX/UI Design course, participants will have the skills to create intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly digital interfaces.

As the main software, Figma will be learned. However, insights into Zeplin and Adobe XD will also be gained.

Jobs you can apply with this course

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Information Architect
  • UX Researcher
  • Design System Specialist
  • User Experience Writer
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From Beginner to Professional Designer A 3-months journey with exclusive small classes, 21 students max. 96 total hours, 2 days a week, 4 hours each day.

Weekend Course
96 hours
Installments via Tabby
Recommended age 16+
12 Weeks Course
2 Times a Week
4 Hours a Day
Price: 7,000 AED

Meet Your Instructor

Murad Rustamli
UX/UI Design Master

Hi, I'm Murad Rustamli, a passionate UX/UI and graphic designer with years of experience. I've worked on various projects in agencies, and now I'm thrilled to be your teacher at TeachMeCode Institute. I'm skilled in five design software tools, and I love creating user-friendly designs.

Designing isn't just a job; it's my way of being creative and solving problems. Join me, and let's explore the world of UX/UI design together!

Price: 7,000 AED

What's on the curriculum

A 3-month journey with exclusive small classes, 21 students max. 96 total hours, 2 days a week, 4 hours each day.

Week 1

Session 1

Intro to UX/UI & Figma Basics

Embark on a journey into UX/UI design, understanding its role in shaping user-focused experiences. Dive into the design process and get a hands-on introduction to Figma's interface and essential tools. 

By the end of this lesson, you'll have a foundational grasp of UX/UI concepts and be adept with Figma's basics.

Session 2

Kickstarting Your Journey with Figma

Begin your Figma adventure by setting up an account and navigating its user-friendly interface. Learn the art of crafting and organizing projects, understand fundamental tools, and experiment with shapes and elements. 

In this lesson you'll possess the skills to start transforming your Figma concepts into captivating visual designs.

Week 2

Session 3

Team Collaboration with Figma & FigJam

Discover the power of teamwork with Figma's collaborative design features, including FigJam. Dive into whiteboarding, utilize templates, gather design references, and streamline feedback with voting. Enhance team synergy and design cohesively.

Unlock team design in Figma & FigJam: from whiteboarding to feedback. Collaborate seamlessly!

Session 4

Dive Deeper: Figma's Advanced Tools

Learn to design efficiently using Auto Layout, utilize dynamic component variants for adaptable designs, navigate with advanced keyboard shortcuts, and ensure your creations adapt seamlessly across devices with responsive design constraints.

By the end of this lesson, you'll adeptly navigate Figma's advanced tools, enhancing your design proficiency.

Week 3

Session 5

UI Design Principles & Figma Styling

Discover the world of wireframing: its definition, purpose, and advantages. Differentiate between low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes. Learn the importance of testing and refining design ideas at early stages for optimal outcomes.

Engage into UI Design's core with Figma, from text to grid styles, and enhance your design techniques seamlessly.

Session 6

Crafting Components & Design Systems

Uncover the essence of UI Components and their creation within Figma. Learn to build a comprehensive Component Library, paving the way to establish robust Design Systems. This lesson ensures you grasp the integral parts of component-based design.

Grasp UI Components & Design Systems, and craft organized libraries in Figma for efficient design workflows.

Week 4

Session 7

Dive into User-Centered Design & Research

Embark on a journey into User-Centered Design (UCD). Understand Design Thinking as a unique problem-solving strategy. Dive deep into the UCD process and differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research methods to inform your designs.

Master User-Centered Design, embrace Design Thinking, and discern research methods for impactful designs.

Session 8

Crafting User Personas & Empathy Maps

Delve into the world of User Personas and Empathy Maps. Learn the art of crafting detailed User Personas and understand the essential components of Empathy Maps. By the end, you'll be adept at creating Empathy Maps that resonate with user needs.

Learn to craft "User Personas" and "Empathy Maps", key tools to understand and enhance user experiences.

Week 5

Session 9

Exploring Information Architecture

Dive into Information Architecture (IA) and its significance. Grasp the essentials of hierarchy, organization, and various IA types. Familiarize yourself with navigation design, site maps, effective labeling, and search functionalities.

Explore IA essentials: hierarchy, navigation design, site maps, and effective labeling for optimal user experiences.

Session 10

The Art of Wireframing

Discover the world of wireframing: its definition, purpose, and advantages. Differentiate between low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes. Learn the importance of testing and refining design ideas at early stages for optimal outcomes.

Master the core of wireframing, understanding its intent and enhancing initial design concepts for superior user interactions.

Week 6

Session 11

Prioritizing Design for Accessibility

Embark on a journey to design inclusively. Understand disabilities, delve into the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and ensure visual clarity through color contrast and typography. Prioritize user testing to achieve full accessibility.

Design with inclusivity: Dive into WCAG, optimize visuals, and prioritize user accessibility.

Session 12

Foundations of Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Discover the art of low-fidelity prototyping, placeholder content and icons, embrace sketching and paper prototyping techniques, and maintain a sharp focus on essential details. Create responsive design in this minimalist approach.

Embrace minimalist prototyping: Dive into sketching, maintain focus, and ensure responsive design.

Week 7

Session 13

Mastery in High-Fidelity Prototyping

Unveil the intricacies of high-fidelity prototyping. Prepare design assets, integrate smooth transitions and animations, incorporate realistic data, and ensure your designs adapt seamlessly across devices. Experience detailed prototyping.

Dive into comprehensive prototyping: from dynamic animations to adaptive, responsive designs.

Session 14

Adapting Design for Various Screens & Devices

Learn the art of multi-device design and the core principles of responsive design, consider various device and screen sizes, and adopt a mobile-first approach and create designs across all platforms by testing them on different devices.

Craft designs that shine on every device, from mobile to desktop, with a responsive approach.

Week 8

Session 15

Navigating User & Usability Testing

Discover the nuances between user and usability testing. Learn to craft test scenarios, gather valuable feedback, and analyze results. Use insights to refine and perfect your designs, ensuring they meet user needs and expectations.

Refine designs with user feedback, ensuring usability and enhancing user experience.

Session 16

Streamlined Design Handoff in Figma

Embark on a journey to design with a developer's perspective. Learn to craft design specifications, organize layers, and clarify interactive elements. Ensure your designs are developer-ready, streamlining the transition from design to development.

Craft developer-ready designs, ensuring smooth transitions from design to code.

Week 9

Session 17

Exploring Figma's Micro Animations

Dive into the captivating world of Figma's micro animations. Learn to add flair to your designs with simple animations, master the nuances of easing and timing, and create interactive hover and press animations. Plus, discover the magic of auto-animate for subtle interactions.

Master Figma's animation tools to bring designs to life with subtle, interactive micro animations.

Session 18

Mastering Advanced Animations in Figma

Venture into Figma's advanced animation techniques. Refresh your knowledge on micro-animations, delve into storyboarding, pinpoint multi interactions, and harness the power of Smart Animate settings. Conclude by seamlessly integrating both micro and macro animations.

Elevate your designs with Figma's advanced animations, blending micro and macro interactions seamlessly.

Week 10

Session 19

Revolutionizing Design & Development Teamwork

Dive into 2023's curriculum spotlighting DevMode launch, variable utilization, and honing advanced Figma prototyping. Equip yourself with elite design techniques to craft interactive and captivating user journeys.

Grasp DevMode, harness variables, and perfect Figma prototyping for top-tier UI/UX designs.

Session 20

Enhancing Workflow with Figma Plugins

Dive into the world of Figma Plugins. Learn how to browse, install, and utilize Figma's built-in plugins, while also discovering essential third-party additions. Navigate through plugin documentation for a comprehensive understanding.

Discover Figma Plugins: From installation to utilizing built-in and third-party tools for enhanced design.

Week 11

Session 21

Crafting Your Personal Design Portfolio

Embark on a journey to craft a compelling portfolio. Define your goals, identify your target audience, and showcase high-quality projects. Dive into UX/UI case studies, integrate testimonials, and learn the art of regular portfolio updates and maintenance.

Craft a standout portfolio: from setting goals to showcasing projects and maintaining its relevance.

Session 22

Blueprint for an Engaging Online Portfolio

Begin your journey in crafting an online portfolio on platforms like Behance or Dribbble, strategize your portfolio layout, handpick standout projects, develop detailed case studies, and understand constructive feedback.

From platform choice to feedback, learn to curate and present an impactful online portfolio.


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GBP 35000 to GBP 52000 per month

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06 Jun 2024

Senior UXUI Designer

Agreed upon interview

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15 May 2024

UI/UX Designer

Agreed upon interview

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04 Jun 2024

Ui/ux Developer

Agreed upon interview

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31 May 2024

Sr UX Designer

Agreed upon interview

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04 Jun 2024

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