Ziba Kalbiyeva

General Manager of TeachMeCode Institute

TeachMeCode Institute
The School of The Future

In our digital era, code is omnipresent. It powers our TVs, cars, and daily routines. Yet, its intricacies remain a mystery to many. At TeachMeCode Institute, we demystify this digital language, offering a gateway to vast opportunities in the UAE's booming IT sector, valued at over 200 billion dirhams.

Our mission transcends traditional education. We're a catalyst for change, welcoming all, irrespective of their tech background. With a flexible commitment, you can embark on a transformative journey, from novice to sought-after developer.

Our courses, tailored to the market's pulse, guide students towards rewarding careers, connecting them with top-tier employers. Whether your passion lies in front-end development, back-end solutions, or Web & Mobile UI/UX Design, we pave your path.

In a region where developers thrive, our training isn't just education—it's an investment in a brighter, digital future.

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Chairman's Vision

A spoken word.

In my 17-year journey leading a pioneering software development company, I've witnessed the evolution of technology firsthand. We were among the first in the world in mobile app development, innovators in e-commerce, and visionaries in the realm of blockchain. Yet, eight years ago, we faced a pivotal challenge. Renowned corporations like Intel, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and others recognised the talent we nurtured and recruited many of our developers.

It was during this challenging phase that an idea was born. Instead of seeing it as a setback, I envisioned it as an opportunity. We initiated a weekend school, leveraging the expertise of our dedicated developers who stood by us. Over the years, this endeavor transformed into a beacon of learning, producing numerous generations of adept developers. Today, these very developers, shaped and nurtured by our ethos, are the pillars of TeachMeCode Institute.

At TeachMeCode, our vision extends beyond traditional education. We endeavor to cultivate proficient developers and facilitate their collaboration with esteemed companies in the UAE. Our legacy is reflected not only in the technological solutions we've pioneered but also in the careers we've fostered and the progress we've championed.

I invite you to join on this transformative journey with us at TeachMeCode Insitute to be a cornerstone of our next generation of tech coders.

Sincerely, Alexandru Cocindau

Chairman of TeachMeCode Institute

Meet The Management

Ziba Kalbiyeva

General Manager

“Everything in life is code”

Adam Hallak

Business Development Manager

“Let’s talk about coding”

Meet Your Instructors

Yassine Ladjabi

Back-End Development Instructor

“It does not work, I don't know why
It works, I don't know why”

Murad Rustamli

UX/UI Designer & Instructor

“I Design for humans”

Meet The Marketing Team

Hosam Bardawil

Chief Marketing Officer

“Ads before coffee?
That's a risky click!”

Daad Kabbesh

Marketing Specialist

“Metrics rise with caffeine levels!”

Ahd Kendoussi

Marketing Executive

“Dua Lipa copied me
and got so famous!!!”

Abdul Alraai


“Two things I never pause:
recording & coffee sipping.”

Sari Fayomie

Marketing Specialist

“Who knew a cursor could steal
the spotlight?”

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